Merge Collaborative bridges the flagrant gap of inequality in art, both for artists and for whom art is presented. Our curated performances address themes varying from social inequities and political conflict to universal human conditions, presented by a diverse group of musicians/artists, including those from marginalized groups whose voices deserve a platform. As we believe that representation matters, we bring low-cost (sometimes free) performances to unconventional venues throughout Greater Los Angeles. In doing so we ensure that art as a birthright is being shared with everyone in our community, regardless of socioeconomic status. We strive to highlight the abundant art landscape of our great city, where inspiration comes just as easily from the city streets as it does from high-end institutions.  


Interdisciplinary programs can best cultivate introspection when audiences experience universal themes like repression, acceptance, community, and love through the many languages of art. By programming clear exchanges between chamber music and other artistic disciplines that highlight these themes, Merge endeavors to make audience members and artists alike encounter nuanced topics and thought-provoking questions, acting as a launching point for dialogue and personal growth.

Maiani da Silva, co-founder and co-artistic director

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Merge Collaborative is a project of Fulcrum Arts’ Emerge fiscal sponsorship program.

Maiani da Silva, violin

Karolina Rojahn, piano

Co-founders and co-artistic directors of Merge Collaborative

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