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"The Furies is a dynamo, fearless duo.  

Their creative, quirky and kick-ass performances paired with their thoughtful curation make them a true force to be reckoned with.  

Unafraid to think outside the box, their concerts are inspiring, thought-provoking and energizing."

Lisa Kaplan, Eighth Blackbird

The Furies is a contemporary violin duo whose mission is to bring intersectional feminism into the concert hall through immersive performance experiences, to learn more about the histories of womxn, and to encourage audience members to demand more diverse programming from their musical institutions.


The Furies’ individual and collective eclectic musical identities, incorporated with elements of theatre and performance art, has led them to develop their uniquely interdisciplinary approach to performance and programming. Not ones to limit themselves to their primary instruments, the duo performs and arranges works incorporating anything from singing/speaking, percussion, and live-processing electronics. 


Since their inception in 2018, The Furies has performed at several festivals, most notably as featured artists at the Great Lakes Chamber Music Festival and the Detroit Institute of Arts alongside Eighth Blackbird. The duo has also performed in the Hot Air Festival, Equal Sound, Light Box, Third Place Concert Series, and Oh My Ears. Future performances include Scholes Street Studios and Spectrum in New York, and Tuesdays at Monkspace and Equal Sound in Los Angeles.


Both Maiani and Kate are dedicated teachers and mentors and this is reflected in their work as The Furies. The duo is committed to inspiring youth to become creative and forward-thinking leaders. They presented their first workshop to Little Opera in San Francisco alongside Little Opera’s music director Danny Clay in 2018, which has further inspired ongoing development of educational programming for communities and organizations that help young womxn succeed in our culture.

Exciting updates...

Check out the Events page for info on our upcoming shows in N.Y.C, and L.A.!

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