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brou·ha·ha /ˈbro͞oˌhäˌhä/noun

  1. a noisy and overexcited reaction or response to something (Definition from Oxford Languages)

From social gatherings around our first hearths 800,000 years ago to connecting over zoom today, we humans have solved and created an amazing array of problems that culminate in the climate crisis during our own epoch, the Anthropocene. Learning about our human identity and history through music aims to inspire creative ways of addressing our greatest existential threat as well as strength: Ourselves.



Young oranguntan, photo by: Jutta-Hof

About Brouhaha

Brouhaha is a cross-disciplinary project that addresses the issue of human disconnect with our nature and its history, and its potential contributions to our climate crisis. Project founder and performer Maiani da Silva commissions imaginative musicians to compose works based on what intrigues them about our human (animal) nature. The compositional process for each composer will include discussions with Maiani about shared articles and books, as well as chats with various experts in biological, evolutionary and paleo anthropology, as well as primatology to help fill in gaps in their knowledge pertaining to the chosen topic.

Each composer's anthropological curiosities are worthy of exploring, and the musical processes by which they explore them are worthy in themselves. 

The use of tools and interactions with other human species that came about during past and dramatic climate change have played a direct role in human cognition and

brain growth.

Please donate to ensure that the violin, my tool of choice, may be used  for profound communication. 

Composers and Visual Artists

Our Clients

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